We plan to start selling T-Shirts on Monday, 6 June. Once the link to the T-Shirt item in the e-shop is ready, it will appear in the "second step" below.

Ordering your 48th Hume Society Conference T-Shirt is a two-step process. 

First, click on the first link here: 


Type your name into the table, select the type of the T-Shirt from the drop down menu (you have two options - man, woman) and select your size. You can find the sizing table in the descriptions of the T-Shirts for men and women below.

Second, pay for the T-Shirt by clicking on the second link here:


Since the price for all T-Shirts is the same (280 crowns, cca 12 USD), we created one generic item in the E-Shop of the Institute of Philosophy. Thus, we can avoid dealing with most of the problems which currently plague its connection to the accounting system of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Deadline for ordering T-Shirts is 24 June.

You will get your T-Shirt during your registration on Monday, 4 July in Prague, if you cannot attend the registration on Monday let us know and we will bring it to the conference venue when you are present. 

We have blue T-Shirts for women and black ones for men. The text of the main poster will be printed on the front of the T-Shirt - in black color for women and in white color for men. The background color is the color of the T-Shirt.

Conference T-Shirt for Women

Malfini CITY 120, 150g/m²

Conference T-Shirt for Men

Fashion Sof Tee, Tee Jays, TJ8005, 185 g/m²