Social Activities

Monday, 4 July 2022

Opening Day Reception at the Institute of Philosophy

The opening banquet will take place in the inner yard of the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Jilská 1, Praha 1 from 5pm to 8pm. We will have some food, beer, wine, and a small Jazz concert played by the Jazz trio from the Prague Jazz Conservatory.
The institute is located within walking distance (about 15m of walking) from our conference venue. You can walk with us or shorten the walking distance by taking tram n.17 from the stop "Právnická fakulta" in front of our conference venue to the station "Karlovy Lázně" (second stop on your way from the Faculty of Law) and walk from there (about 5m walk). 

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Dinner in Strahov Brewery

Not far from the Prague Castle, there is a nice small brewery hidden in the old Strahov monastery which serves basic Czech dishes and brews good lager beers.

Since Bohemia is a land of beer, we reserved the room you see in the background of this text which can accommodate us to taste some beer. The manager of the pub promised to get on the stage depicted in the middle of the picture and give us a very short lecture on the history of the brewery and on the process of brewing traditional Czech lager beer.

Smaller groups of interested people can visit the brewery's premises to see where the beer is brewed. We will walk to the brewery after the last Tuesday lecture (it will take us about 45 minutes to get there), but you can also take a tram 22 from the station Malostranská, which is not very far from the conference venue, to the station Pohořelec, which is located right next to the brewery. Please understand that each guest will be paying for a meal and/or beverages of his or her choice. We made some arrangements with the brewery to speed up the serving of the meals and to simplify your payment.
A link will appear here about a week before our visit.

This is the link

There will be a menu with soup and  meals prepared for us by the Brewery. You will be able to select what you want from them menu by clicking on the link, typing your name and selecting your meal from a drop down menu next to your name. When paying, you will simply state you had "the menu 1, 2, or 3" plus you need to remember how many beers or other drinks you had and pay for them too. If you don't like anything from the menu, you can also order something from their standard menu individually, although that means that you might be served a bit later than others.The whole menu with a soup, a main course, and a dessert, and one beer (or one non-alcoholic drink) will cost  320 crowns.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Visit to the Convent of st. Agnes of Bohemia in Prague

After the last afternoon lecture, you are invited to walk with us to the Convent of st. Agnes of Bohemia which is located only 600m from our conference venue. The convent, historically a highly valued monasterial edifice and one of the oldest Gothic structures in Prague, bears the name of its foundress, the Premyslid Princess St Agnes of Bohemia (canonized 1989). Agnes the Premyslid (probably 1211⁠-⁠1282) founded this convent/monastery of the Orders of Poor Clares and Friars Minor with the support of her royal family in the 1230s.
When we reach the convent we will gather for a while in the convent's church of st. Francis for a short lecture about the history of the convent. After that you can, if you wish, visit the exhibition of Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe from the collections of the National Gallery Prague. The exhibition can be visited on the first floor of the convent complex and presents more than two hundred exhibits of painting, sculpture and arts and crafts documenting transformations in form and function in the course of three hundred years.
If you want to make your visit to the gallery more enjoyable you can donwload the app The Hidden Secrets of Mediaeval Paintings which offers a rare interactive examination of mediaeval panel paintings housed in the St Agnes Convent. The app is free of charge; its iOS and Android versions can be found in the App Store and Google Play.

The ticket for the exhibition costs 220 crowns (cca 10 USD) and you can buy it in the convent in cash or with your credit card.

The convent has a very nice gardens with twenty sculptures by contemporary Czech artists and you can also take a small tour through the convents premises.

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Conference Dinner - Restaurant Eska Karlín

Since we visit the traditional Strahov Brewery on Tuesday, we wanted to find some alternative, gourmet place for the Conference dinner on Thursday which would serve a variation of Czech cuisine prepared from a new standpoint, so to speak. We decided to choose Restaurant (and bakery) Eska Karlín. Please note that this is not your usual Hume conference dinner - the restaurant is on a first, open floor in a newly renovated industrial building, the ground floor is a  (very fine) bakery. The restaurant finds itself in an interesting and lively Karlín district which has many bars, cafés and restaurants. The whole place looks really simple. The food is quite good and surprising. The restaurant will prepare a three course menu. A second course, which is the main course, will be its signature dish - smoked carp (carp is a traditional Czech fish) with potatoes in ash, but vegetarians and people who do not fancy eating fish will also have options to choose from. These, and all other options to select from, will be chosen from their weekly menu and published here two weeks before the conference dinner with a link. 

This is the link:

The link will allow you to pre-select what you want. This should make our visit in the restaurant more comfortable and give us time for some activities before and after the dinner (see below)

The pre-paid Conference dinner comes with non-alcoholic drinks only (noncarbonated/sparkling water and homemade lemonade), alcoholic drinks are on you. However, we plan to go for a short 15m walk after the dinner and have alcoholic drinks in a different place (see below).

For more information visit the website of the restaurant here:

Eska holds Michelin's bib gourmand award

Something about Karlín district (a bit old but most of the info is still valid):

The programme of the Conference dinner evening is the following. We will make a short "sightseeing" walk (cca 20 minutes) through the district on our way to the restaurant. After the dinner, people may either explore surrounding bars and pubs in smaller groups or walk with us (if it is not raining) to the park Parukářka on a hill in Žižkov district (1,5 km away) which has a nice view of the city and is served by a small and very simple pub (or rather "hut"), popular with locals. The pub sells beer. People take it away, sit on grass or benches of the pub, drink and enjoy the nice view

Friday, 8 July 2022
Walking Tours with Local Hume Scholars

If you are not rushing to the airport you can take a free tour with a local guide (Josef Moural, Tomáš Kunca, Hynek Janoušek) after the lunch on Friday. 

We will pass through the campus of the former German University (where Einstein and Carnap lectured) to arrive to the place at Albertov where the November 17, 1989 demonstration started. Next we will follow the path of the 1989 march, pass along three cubist houses from 1911-1913 (Prague rarity), and end at Vyšehrad, the older rival to the main Prague castle (depicted in Smetana's symphonic poems), the location of the oldest Prague church. Expected duration 90-120 minutes

If you wish to participate, sign your name on the list in the link below