29 May 2022 - Everything is ready, but the pay-gate is stuck. Jazz trio. The conference venue might move "next-door".


All the basic things regarding the conference are ready, but we have encountered a technical problem with the pay-gate. The problem should be resolved in the next few days.
On a more positive note, we found a Jazz trio who provisionally agreed to play a short mini-concert (selection of their own music and a couple of standards which fit the Summer time and the 4th of July) as a part of the opening banquet.
So while we are waiting for the pay-gate to open, we may just as well listen to some of the Jazz to be played, if everything goes to plan.

Finally, due to another conference taking place in the same building of the Charles University on the same dates as the Hume conference, we were offered an option of moving the conference venue "next door" (250m to be exact) to a very nice building of the Faculty of Law. This will be decided on Monday.