23 May 2022 - Conference fee settled, Convent of st Agnes on Wednesday


We received offers for the opening banquet from three of the six companies we contacted (the remaining three apologized for being too busy in July). Due to inflation, the offers were cca 230 crowns (10 USD) per person more expensive then the one we had to unexpectedly replace. On the positive note, the company with the best value also had a better range of food and drinks for the banquet than we originally had. Due to further intricacies of the Czech Added Value Tax, the basic conference fee went up by additional 120 crowns (5 USD). Here are the final prices in Czech crowns (the prices in dollars and other currencies depend on the rates of the bank which issued your credit card):

Basic conference fee (includes the opening banquet, coffee breaks with catering in café Času dost for the whole conference and a backpack (yes, this year we have a backpack which you can use for walking around the town) with conference materials) ...... 3500 crowns (cca 150 USD)

Basic conference fee + Conference dinner (Thursday, restaurant Eska Karlín) ...... 4600 crowns (cca 200 USD)

Conference T-Shirt ...... 280 crowns (cca 12 USD)

Opening banquet for an accompanying person ...... 1300 crowns (cca 56 USD)

Conference dinner for an accompanying person ....... 1100 crowns (cca 48 USD)

We are currently working with the Institute of Philosophy on possible payment options. Hopefully we will have everything running by the end of the week.

The st. Agnes Monastery finally confirmed its opening hours. We have pre-arranged a visit there on Wednesday, 6 July. Besides being an interesting example of Gothic architecture, the monastery houses the permanent exhibition of the medieval art of the Czech National Gallery. Entry costs 220 crowns (9,5 USD). More will follow in the "Activities" section of the webpage.

This week, we will start to build the "general information" section of the web which should make your stay in Prague easier and more comfortable.